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New Year's Eve Party
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New Year's Eve Party

December 31st

All upscale, all BYOB, ShareNation does it again with an amazing 
midnight champagne toast, all the noisemakers you can handle, in a TOP 
OF THE LINE CELEBRATION with some of the best looking couples around. Others try to pound you for cash, but we're keeping this event VERY budget-friendly and HOT, as we will never price gouge our guests. 

Rooms on the penthouse floor of our MOST AMAZING host hotel are being 
reserved RIGHT NOW - YES, this time we are up on top.  Who likes being on top?
You know how we operate, first-call, first-reserved for the event floor placement. 

Hotel Albany by Hilton
518-462-6611 Code 4GAB
Rate $109 

You must be an approved couple who has prepaid for the venue by December 1st to remain  on the penthouse party floor regardless of your reservation.  Otherwise you risk being  bumped off by the GRANT rule.

For this event, we reserved 150 rooms - all guests stay together.

This is an erotic New Year's EVENT. We admit, our venues are sexually-
charged. Our venues are perfect for all levels of the lifestyle. All boundaries  are respected and represented. The BYOB design of the party - instead of the  cliquey ballroom venues - is the most preferred format by 92% of our membership  who were surveyed. This is literally an impossible venue to attend unless you really 
enjoy meeting EVERYBODY.

Memory photos will be provided to all guests by the most amazing SHOTS BY 
DREW, the youngest and most creative photographer on the planet. :)

DJ Tsunami in the mix. 

For October and November sign-ups, the event is only $50 per couple prepaid 
(with all couples sharing a small dish). We know this is an unbelievable price. 
Just help us make it an unbelievable night. All payments through our 
ShareNation website. 

We're ShareNation Events. "IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS!" Come and 
see what everyone has been talking about! Come countdown with us, and 
then go down. 

Call for further information 518-772-0789.


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