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New Year's Eve Party
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Our Rules

The context of attending a ShareNation Event (SNE) is simple, we share the right attitude, all likeminded.  Only ignorance assumes it means sharing sexually.  Everyone at ShareNation knows that it's about the moment, the swagger, the right to organize events, to assemble as likeminded people,  to share resources, costs, and put together everything as a shared concept.  

In general, we are a couples network.  Couples need to be a couple. They should at very least have a history together and familiar with each other personally. This is a very important rule when it comes to being comfortable approaching other couples who are at a SNE.   

The general rule of thumb is that our members work best when they view our events as an enhancement to their existing sexual relationship, rather than to replace one on the brink of failure.

We have many people who seek entry into a ShareNation Event. Many are exotic dancers, musicians, club owners, couples who are primarily in the club and erotic business or alternative lifestyle.  We get lawyers, doctors, teachers, professionals from many careers, all coming to our events simply for a night out and wouldn't even think of "swinging," as most people unfamiliar with what we do refer to us as.  We market, and provide a safe environment for couples accepting a charged-up erotic party and we don't need to own a strip club to do it.  It works.  Of our couples, you may see them at one event, and on the other hand you may not see them again for another six months or so. Life gets in the way; budgeting, travel, babysitting, family events, holidays, summer vacations, tuition, don't feel badly if you can't make every event.  It should also be noted that many people who enter reserve the right not to be pressured into an alternative lifestyle. Though the site taps into an alternative market and targets a demographic, general assumptions of what happens in private are pure speculation, as we do not track or keep information on people's personal lives.

So when you do make an event, and because we value your time, your ShareNation team takes every step to make sure you're engaged in the fun - at your pace, for we are boundary-driven - and we reserve the right to be private.

ShareNation Events is NOT a sex club though. We are an EVENTS club featuring a highly erotic and sexually-charged atmosphere.  We admit, our couples are HOT.  Though each event is different for each time of the year, our events are literal productions of some of the best musical talent all for your entertainment.  The best DJ's, the best bands, the best recording artists, you never know what you will find at ShareNation, but you'll never get anything short of likeminded couples who enjoy a night out.

Sex is a powerful part of the human experience. A guarantee - our venues certainly get your mind thinking about sex. To some couples who are tame, being in this sexy environment is enough, and we respect it. They come to our events, they dance, flirt, have fun, and go home to have great sex with one another. Other couples seek more, want more, but SNE can only go so far. We do not pre-arrange sex. We're not a strip club either.  We're not a nudist club, as well.  We are an events club that organizes it's members through social media.  With that, most people connect socially, at least in stimulating conversation. Some people may even elect to spend time privately with one another.  We don't care.  Keep in mind that sometimes (though rare at a ShareNation Event), couples attend venues and nothing happens at all, no dancing, no interaction. That's their choice.  Everyone is different.  Step-by-step, we've all been there. From a more realistic point of view, there will always be another venue, another erotic dance, or another conversation.

If any of the the above stated description is offensive to you, attending a ShareNation Event is really NOT for you. However, if it's spot-on right up your alley and you want to experience a totally trusted network of friends, come and join us.

Lifestyle Specialists: We also have nationally trained staff at each event for one-on-one discussions to determine if lifestyle events and ShareNation Events are right for you. Try it. It works.

ShareNation Events Rules

SNE rules are for you, your partner, and other guest to follow for a guaranteed great time at our event. Every club has rules - some will be different from others. Here are some general rules that our events have in place:

The Golden Rule of all: "NO is absolute." No discussion, zero tolerance, no debate - meaning if SNE is informed that NO was indicated and NOT respected, we will enforce with the immediate removal of the violator. When in doubt, please assume it's NO and stay away.

Don't ever assume sex.  If you're looking for that, try a sex club, elsewhere.

Treat others with respect, meaning be polite.  Most people attend our events for the social component.  

If you want others to treat you with respect you treat others just the way you want to be treated. SNE events are suppose to be fun, so by being rude and judgmental are not a cool way to go. So, just approach things politely.

No "Excessive Drinking."

Don't be a fool and drink more then what your body can consume. Excessive drinking can impair your judgment as well as put you into a very embarrassing situation.

To avoid the risks of drinking and driving, SNE is very room driven.  We try our best to get discounted group rates for our venues.  Sometimes people can stay together on the same floor.  Sometimes that's not possible.  Always remember, DWI's are more expensive compared to the cost of a room and why would you want to risk the public safety of anyone.  Just book a room and be safe.

Jealousy is very uncommon in SNE conditions. Most people are able to disconnect eroticism from personal relationships.  However, we are not immune to jealousy. To avoid any jealousy from happening always arrive with your partner together, take the time to understand our market demographic before you arrive, and lastly always leave together.

Drugs are prohibited.  Any sort of drugs will not be tolerated in any way. This includes the carrying and using of drugs within the clubs premises. Anyone found with drugs will result to immediate remove from a ShareNation Event.

Dress Code

In general most dress code is to "Dress to impress." The key is sexy for the ladies and classy for the gents. On themed activity nights, the dress code is suggested according to the theme.  At hotel events, under no circumstances will any SNE violate any public ordinances or municipal regulation.  This includes hotel decency policy.  We're sorry folks, but we just can't allow it.  If you are in any common public grounds or in any location at any event we will strictly enforce and side with the law and hotel policy.  Therefore, always use proper judgement.  


1. SNE expects absolute hygiene and discretion. Please be considerate.

2. Our online membership is restricted to adults only over the age of twenty-one. Single men are allowed at some venues but are limited to special events only.  Mostly, SNE is a couples network and our dances and events work best without single male pressures.  Regardless, and unlike other clubs, we check identification from all - no exceptions.

3. Outside food and beverages are prohibited unless otherwise specified for the event.

4. SNE does not share information gathered pertaining to membership or attendees. If you wish to communicate with another guests, exchange information at the event or through your registered third-party affiliation.

5. While we are not a sex club, we are not a dating club either, and we are not nudists.  We make no assumptions or judgements on any other type of club.  We simply support legal structures, legal businesses, many of which work in collaboration with SNE to remain competitive.

6. Any form of prostitution is forbidden. It will lead to being banned from the premises and can lead to prosecution.  

7. Guests who arrive drunk will not be allowed to enter the event.  Any direct or indirect form of violence or altercation with any party will result in dismissal of the offending party.  

8. Taking pictures are not allowed. Cameras and mobile phones with cameras are forbidden.  Should you require a photo, SNE provides memory photos (g-rated) for couples through photography.  

9. Online membership required - all guests must produce a membership card upon entry - and all guests must have on-file with us signed adherence and understanding of our detailed rules and regulations.

10. New members may complete the rules application at the first event appearance, but must have proper identification and agree to SNE terms and conditions. SNE does not share any membership information with any third party.  SNE also reserves the right not to allow anyone into our private events if not approved through online membership or affiliation.  

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